Why Alternative Online Marketing, LLC ?


“When it’s time for something different.”

We are here to help you succeed in business.

While other companies just want to take your hard earned dollars we genuinely want you to do well with whatever it is that your business does. Why else would we provide you with free helpful information to make your business get off to a good start?

What we are:

We are a multi-faceted online business who serves other businesses with the sole intent of making them prosper online.

We do this thru a diverse mix of social media, guerrilla marketing, guerrilla online marketing and link sharing methods. We were formed in 2017 and we are always on the lookout for new business opportunities.

Free advice:

  • Our recommended sites page provides free and affordable helpful suggestions to help better your marketing efforts getting you started off in the right direction.



  • We have added a special page to help those who are really serious about making a go at running an online business. Although this page does not cost you any money, we do ask one thing in return… we ask for you to like us on Facebook. In exchange we will grant you access to the information provided on this special page titled: Websites for a Successful Business.


Planning on starting an online business?

We wrote the book on this!

  Our E-commerce Experiments page covers what you really need to know about the

Online Marketplaces.

Want to know how to make money online the legitimate way? Learn how not to be taken by scams with our new e-book: “Secret Creations of A lot of Money.”

Need a logo? We can do that too!

 Even more:

Want to see what other great tricks we have up our sleeves? Send us an email to learn more about how we can perhaps help your business.





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