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Here is our recommended sites page.

This page is designed to help make your business successful.

Other Business VenturesWebsite hosting with multiple Word Press plans including a FREE plan. They also provide other hosting options if you do not want a Word Press site.

The World Wide WebOnline directory search engine. Offering two different ways to advertise on their site. Choose from a text link or even better a banner ad. Affordable advertising for everyone! Update: This website is currently offline. Hopefully it will come back soon!

The Mall of the Internet – If you have an online store why not join this new online mall and get seen by everyone who visits the mall? Who doesn’t like shopping online? They have 400+ stores in one place with affordable rates to be in the mall.

The E-Book StoreFree publicity to your website.

The Review is inOnline review site providing viewers what they need to know about websites. Offering free reviews on just about any website. Why not request a free review and help get further exposure to your website?

For the record, “The Review is in” is one of our own websites.

Search Online – Online search site. This site has more than meets the eye initially. Click on the blog page to find more site added in an easy to read format by category. Why not request to have your site added to a possible future list to be posted? It can’t hurt to ask since it’s free to do so!

Alternative Online Marketing, LLC  manages this site.

The Store An online Jewelry store selling on multiple online marketplaces in addition to it’s own website. “The Store” is just one example of how we push marketing well beyond the norm and provide alternative solutions to make a website prosper online! Products are advertised and sold virtually everywhere. Update: At this time we have taken this site offline to focus on other business ideas. We reserve the right to bring it back at a later time.

“The Store” is a licensed DBA (Trade Name) of Alternative Online Marketing, LLC. In other words we own “The Store.”

T-Shirt Printing – One tried and true method of advertising any business is with the use of T-shirts. We have partnered with this printing company to offer you an easy way to make your own t-shirts. You can include your company logo or just make it with text. Customize it to your liking and either sell them or just wear them. Anyone who is wearing them is helping to advertise your business! Shirts start at only $9 each plus $5 for shipping so this is really affordable. Best of all they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Please note: We are an affiliate for this printing service, meaning we do get paid for referring you to them (if you place an order).

Ecwid – This is a shopping Cart program that can be integrated into most websites for selling online. They offer four different plans to choose from including a free one (up to 10 products). The most popular one is very affordable at only $19 month for up to 100 products.

Please note: We are an affiliate for Ecwid, meaning we do get paid for referring you to them (if you place an order).

Other sites we recommend:

Delaware Residential – A real estate rehabbing business. Update: We have taken this site offline. Although there are plenty of potential homes to fix in Delaware research shows it takes at least to sell them here. Obviously this is the right business, but wrong state to do it in. If trends change we will bring this business back.

“Delaware Residential” is a licensed DBA (Trade Name) of Alternative Online Marketing, LLC.

Voltaire Press – A blog site. They also offer books for sale.

Alternative Online Marketing, LLC  manages this site.

Another Website – A website for troubleshooting browser caching issues. This site offers link and banner linking to help with back links.

Alternative Online Marketing, LLC  manages this site.

Home Internet Speed Test – A site with links to many different free to use speed tests.

Alternative Online Marketing, LLC  manages this site.


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