Free Business Advice

Here are some great free tips that we offer to any business who has found us online and wants to make their business better.

  1. Write your business plan. This will be crucial to your business becoming a success.
  2. Know your customers and competitors.
  3. Come up with a marketing plan and review it every 6 months.
  4. Find a great name for your business. If possible make it easy to remember. Our name maybe super long but it’s memorable and it explains what we do.
  5. Create a great memorable logo that symbolizes your business. We offer affordable logo design. Click here to learn more.
  6. Secure a web host and domain name for your business right away. The trick is finding the right host and not just any host.
  7. Create email accounts using your domain name. This looks so much more professional. Want to appear like a large company even if just starting out? Why not create email accounts for each department or employee?
  8. FREE E-Book about selling online. This book came out January 2018.
  9. Create a free Gmail account. Here is why you should do this:
  • For Google Analytics so you can learn more about who visits your site.
  • What if your main email account is offline for some reason. It’s best to have this email displayed on your site just in case someone needs to reach you and can’t with your main email address. Yes, it is possible to have email down yet your website still works. Since this is free why not be proactive and have a plan b already in place? This is why we did it for our business and we encourage you to do the same.

Want more great tips? Download our affordable 15 page e-book covering all of this and more in an easy to read format.

We also recommend these two free great resources for your website:

(we have no affiliation with either of them and simply list them because they are worthwhile)

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