Free Backlink

Want to get free traffic from our website to yours?

Get a free backlink from us to possibly increase your web traffic and boost your rankings with Google and also help your SEO (search engine optimization).

How it works:

  1. You purchase our logo service.
  2. You display one of the three logos that we create for you on your site as your company logo.
  3. Send us an email ( so we can verify you use the logo on your site. Please put in the subject line of your email to us “request for a free backlink.” Include your website address in the email so we can verify it.
  4. Once verified by us we will reply to the email that we have added your logo to our site with an embedded clickable link (or a link right by your logo) to your site. This will appear on the page titled: “Logos we have made for others.” The link will open up in a new tab taking customers to your site.
  5. We will include in our email reply to you our logo so you can either add it with our website address ( and make it open up into a new tab like we did for you. If you prefer to not show our logo you can instead use a text link. Simply put in your footer “Logo created by Alternative Online Marketing, LLC.” Embed a hyperlink with our website address ( to the text opening up a new tab taking them to our site.

That’s it – it’s super easy and best of all it’s a free way to generate traffic to both of our sites!

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