About “The Marketplace”

This page is for learning more about “The Marketplace.”

Why another marketplace?

After testing so many of the so called marketplaces and an online mall we felt the need to create a better experience for both you the online shop owner and your customers.

We did not go into this blind. We researched this extensively and then it became obvious that we should do this. Once we understood the likelihood of this succeeding over the long term (possibly many years to reach it’s peak potential) we decided to dig deeper into this concept.

From there we brainstormed on what niche we should go after.  Then we checked to see if that niche has competition and if so who is it? And now we have our own marketplace. One that we believe is better than the rest even in it’s infancy. We call this place “The Marketplace.” We do this because no one else uses this title and it makes sense from a marketing and SEO strategy to go with this simplistic name.

We chose not to build a separate website for “The Marketplace.” This was due to time constraints and cost. Costs would have included a domain name, hosting dues, business license for another website and the cost of marketing it. Mostly it was the marketing costs that made us decide to simply put it here instead. And it makes sense too since we already have a blog and a store on this website.

About “The Marketplace”:

As stated earlier, research indicated that there needed to be a better way to run an online marketplace so here we are.

Other marketplaces:

Most marketplaces today cost too much for stores to join, require a login to shop, only let select niche stores in, take too high of a percentage of sales made, have hidden “extra” fees, and have way too many rules. In other words, they suck!

With marketplaces like these how can new businesses thrive online???

We don’t suck because we aren’t like them and never will be!

  • Cheap to join.
  • Minimal cut of your sales made.
  • No hidden “extra” fees, ever!
  • No login required to shop.
  • We welcome almost any type of store (pending a review).
  • Very few rules.

Our rules:

  • Be fair to everyone regardless of age, race, gender, or disability. We do not permit harassment of any kind to anyone.
  • We offer the same honest, straightforward pricing to everyone.
  • We don’t pre-judge the types of stores permitted in “The Marketplace.” Stores are reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Sell what you want, it’s your business. Odds are if it’s legal you will probably be accepted.
  • Returns, sales, pricing, policies, complaints and shipping for your store are handled by you and not us. This is because it’s your business not ours. We allow you to run your business your way. Isn’t that one of the reasons you went into business for yourself? We thought so.

Rules set by our Webhost and enforced by us:

  • Your store cannot be doing anything illegal as it can jeopardize our business and that will not be tolerated. If found doing anything illegal your store will be removed promptly from “The Marketplace.” Of course, proof has to be provided to us first in the form of a court order or a police officer or member of the FBI or some other such organization. There is one exception to this and that is if we visit your store and it’s obvious to us that your doing something illegal. If so we will promptly remove your store from “The Marketplace.”
  • No MLM (Multi Level Marketing).
  • No porn sites or sites linking to them. *
  • No music or video downloads. This can bog down a servers performance effecting us all.
  • No gambling.
  • No get rich quick schemes.
  • No illegal drugs.
  • No streaming content (audio or video). This can bog down a servers performance effecting us all.
  • No other shady or considered to be shady business practices. We will be the judge of them.
*Yes, you may sell "sex toys" as long as they do not include DVD's or VHS tapes.

For more information about "The Marketplace" please see this page.

Keep in mind that "The Marketplace" is coming soon and is not currently open. 
We reserve to launch it when we feel it is ready.


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