Paid Advertising

In today’s business world options for paid advertising are many, but what will be best for your business? At any time in the life of your business you could choose to use any of these options:

  1. Online advertising.
  2. Traditional advertising.
  3. Something new.

Online Advertising:

The ways to advertise online continue to grow. Some of these include social media, online directories, SEO (Search engine optimization), link sharing methods and more.

Traditional Advertising:

These are the old school tried and true methods from before the digital age. Don’t knock them, some of them just might work for you! These include: newspaper ads, tv ads, radio ads, door to door flyers (or flyers left on a cars windshield), business cards, monthly mailers, flyers pinned or taped to a wall, billboard ads, pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, phone books, etc.

Something new:

If your really good at marketing or know someone who is (such as us) perhaps you can do something different to attract attention to your business. This could be almost anything – a slight change in what you already do or maybe you are lucky enough to “invent the wheel”and create a new method that has never been done before instantly giving you the competitive edge over others.

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