Social Media Posting and Sharing

Social Media Posting and Sharing.

If you are new to creating an online presence you have certainly heard over and over about needing to get on “Social Media.”

What is “Social Media?”

Social Media is an way for others to learn about your website or perhaps to just learn about you.

Some people use “Social Media” or “Social” for short to keep in touch with friends thru the use of the internet. They can easily check in with their phones or any device with internet access.

Because people have this extensive list of friends thru social why not capitalize on that with your business? By tapping into that much larger potential audience of friends and friends, friends you can easily spread the word about your business.

With so many different forms of social what should I use?

It all depends on what you are after. If you have videos to share then YouTube makes sense. If you want to share images try Instagram. If you want to chat with others and still be able to share images and or videos then why not try Facebook? Linkedin is a great way for businesses to be found.

Of course these are only the big ones, there are new niche forms of social being launched almost daily. The trick is for you to experiment to determine what will work best for you. Be careful not to get involved in too many as it can quickly become time consuming to maintain them all. This is why for these reasons, we only have a Facebook and Linkedin page for social.


Posting is where you provide a comment, image, and or video for others to see.


Sharing is where you find a posting that someone showed you and decide to let others see it too.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there with Social Media Posting and Sharing to get your business known to others.


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