What should come first; the chicken or the egg?

It’s time we get involved in this ongoing discussion: What should come first, the chicken or the egg?

In case you have not heard this phrase before, the chicken refers to the one who gave birth to the egg and the egg is what the chicken gave birth to. At first you may think that it’s obvious that the chicken had to come first or there would be no egg. But, wait a minute – didn’t the chicken have to come from an egg?

Now you understand the dilemma. So what did come first? That’s a great question. To try to figure this out let’s substitute the two animals and put it into a scenario we can latch onto and need to understand. For this posting lets replace the chicken with your brand new online store and lets replace the egg with your potential customers to your online store.

Now we have a picture in our heads to relate to as small business owners or soon to be small business owners. With this newly created scenario we need to determine which should come first. Should we take the time and build the website and stock the store first or should we market the website as coming soon and then frantically hope to complete the website and store of products just in time for the promised opening date? In truth neither one is a good situation to be stuck in. You see your focusing a lot of your time and money into either one while not making any money and that’s no fun.

This newly created scenario about the website is not really new at all. It has been around ever since the first e-commerce stores came to be. So what is more important to do first; generate buzz to a site that’s not there yet and could be delayed in opening or build the site and then try to figure out how to get the word out about it?

Here is how we have done it each time we intent to create a web business.

Because we believe in Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will, we build the website first. Next we stock the store. After that we start writing blog postings to be published at regular intervals. Before starting an buzz around the site we make sure to post a couple blog postings so their is content there. This is crucial because the number one way in the long run to create and maintain site traffic is thru SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So by writing key word specific posts like this one you are reading now we make our website rank better in searches without ever spending any money on advertising. Only after those first two posts are published and we have at least two more posts saved as drafts and multiple topics saved for reference for later to write about do we begin social media.

Hopefully we have already researched different forms of social media so we are not rushed into choosing were to post at. The key here is to create content on social to create interest in the future for your site. We find it best to start this before advertising anywhere. The reason for this is we do not want to pay to advertise a business or its social media presence and have visitors get their only to find nothing. No content would be a huge disappointment for them to see (or in this case not see). This would result in them not being likely to check back on our site or social to see if any updates have been added. It might get even worse since social media can turn on you rather quickly. The last thing you need is negative feedback when just opening.

So there you have it, our answer to the age old question (with a modern e-commerce twist to it), What should come first; the chicken or the egg? Your comments as always are welcome. Do you agree or disagree with our answer and if so why?


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