The 12 most popular niche businesses to start online

Today we will discuss the 12 most popular niche businesses to start online.

Most people search for the same thing online. Knowing what that is can help you in starting your preliminary research to determine if this is worth you creating a business around it or not.

If you can build a business around products or services that people are already searching for then you have just made your business marketing that much easier. Sometimes we don’t necessarily need to invent the wheel, just reinvent or tweak it some to give us a business idea to market.

The 12 most popular niche businesses to start online:

  • Fitness. This could include fitness products such as exercise equipment, fitness supplements, fitness books or e-books, paid online subscription programs, or DVD’s.
  • Make money online. Everyone is always looking for short cuts to financial wealth even if it’s just part time money. Consider books, e-books, webinars, paid online subscription programs, or DVD’s. Topics might include MLM (Multi Level Marketing), get rich quick schemes.* Another option is running an e-commerce store full of products (new or used). Rather than sell items on your own store why not become a wholesaler for other businesses to buy from. E-commerce sites are always in need of new suppliers of products to sell.
  • Financial. Teach someone how to understand the stock market, find deals and make trades. This can be done with e-books, webinars, paid online subscription programs, or DVD’s. Make a program to simplify the process of this so anyone can do it (if they are willing to pay for the software).
  • Love. No one really wants to spend the rest of their life alone do they? Maybe some do, but research proves that most do not want to be alone. Capitalize on this with e-books, and paid online subscription dating sites.
  • Gaming. Always a popular way to unwind from the daily stresses of life. Teens, and young adults especially like gaming. Start a paid subscription service or sell your own games that you make.
  • Travel. Everyone likes a break and travel is a great way to do it. Form a travel agency service, car rental service, or hotel booking service.
  • Luxury items (usually jewelry). Build a website and sell jewelry there from a supplier you find. If you know how to make your own jewelry why not sell it on your own website?
  • Sports. Sell tickets to events. Sell products (collectible or general products or both) on your own website.
  • Pets. People just love their pets! Consider a pet adoption site, pet fitness, tips on caring for and training pets. E-books, DVD’s and paid online subscription programs can all potentially be profitable for you.
  • Self Improvement. Lot’s of people want to learn new things or how to become better at things they already know. E-books, webinars, paid online subscription programs and DVD’s all can fit in this category. Topics might include: writing, cooking, DIY work, leadership, auto, motivation, or business development.
  • Beauty. Women love to look nice and in doing so they feel better too. Sell beauty programs such as skin care supplements, vitamins, makeup, perfume. Relaxation items such as scented candles and bath scents could fit in this category too. Sell them thru a website, write a book about it, create a paid online subscription program for it.
  • Electronics. This is a huge category! Some items to focus on might include: computers, cell phones, TV’s, stereo equipment, home theater systems or individual home theater items, speakers, car audio, vacuums, kitchen appliances and more! Buy them thru a wholesaler and sell them thru your website.

Bonus: All of these ideas can also mix it up with some affiliate marketing programs specific to their niche. Add a blog to your site and work into the postings an affiliate product or site each time. If don’t correctly you could make money off this. Best of all there’s no inventory to update and no products to ship.

If you have an online store why not put in a marketplace or online mall since most people are already shopping there? Read our reviews of these such places here.


*We do not encourage MLM or get rich quick schemes. 
We merely mention them in this post because they are so popular.

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