10 more business ideas to try

If your still struggling to come up with a business idea your in luck.

Here are 10 more business ideas to try:

  1. App maker. Apps are huge today! Think about it for a moment where can you use an app. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, computer, video game system, smartwatch, smart TV, Blu-Ray player or your streaming device. So if you can come up with an app to make things easier for us for some task than you can get it in front of millions of users.
  2. Personal grooming. For men or women this could be for shaving or hair removal. Different designed products to do the same thing. Maybe it’s not the shaver, but the spray to loosen the hair with that you are about to market.
  3. Guns and gun safety. You could offer courses or books on this.
  4. Pet health and insurance. More hotels allow pets than they did before. Because of this more travelers take their animals with them on trips. Those pets need grooming items and travel insurance in case of an accident.
  5. Drones. Can you make one to sell? Maybe you can get them thru a wholesaler and sell them on your website?
  6. Survival, camping and outdoor supplies. This is a big one! For preppers out there they need sustainable supplies right now. Both preppers and campers need gear too such as sleeping bags, tents, flash lights, portable barbeque’s and accessories.
  7. Healthy cooking. Although books have been written on this subject for some time now there is still plenty of room for new books. Another option is to create an online paid subscription service where supplies and instructions on how to make new recipes are sent to their homes.
  8. Sporting goods. Name a sport and it has gear needed to play it or a book or DVD on how to use it. Some also have sports teams to sign up and pay to be a member of.
  9. Dieting and weight loss. Always a booming industry for men and especially women. Supplements, recipes, workout routines all can be offered for this category.
  10. Delivery services. This is relatively new having been really promoted over just the past few years. Order online and have it (whatever it is) be shipped to your door. Groceries, mystery box items, random style designer clothes to surprise you with.

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