Our new website is here!

We thought we should change things up a little.

After two years of helping others with their websites we finally made the time to update ours. Our new website is here!

10 Benefits of the new site include:

  1. It’s modern looking which is much more impressive to look at then before.
  2. It’s a faster loading website. This will increase our site rankings some.
  3. The blog is no longer buried somewhere. Instead is now on the home page where it should have been all along.
  4. Scrolling to the bottom (the footer) you will see a clearly defined site map which will help us index even better than before with Google.
  5. The calendar in the footer and sidebar is a nice touch. You can click on any of the days in light blue to be taken to the postings we published on that day.
  6. A nice mix of friendly colors instead of the drab looking site of the past.
  7. The header contains all the crucial links you need. The footer lists all of the pages in case we missed something up top.
  8. The search box is a must for any website and ours is easy to find.
  9. Our archives, recent posts and categories are also in the sidebar for easy reference to our blog.
  10. Our footer contains our copyright information that protects our site and it’s contents.

It’s too bad we couldn’t have made the time to update our site sooner. Sorry for anyone who had to look at it before. It wasn’t an eyesore but it was super basic looking.

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