What’s in a Name?

Without putting much thought into it I am sure you can recall having come across countless business names that caught your attention. Before digging deeper and discussing the ad or logo lets focus on the name itself. What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? The name of the company is usually a crucial part in determining the likelyhood of its success. Having your business be remembered for the right or the wrong reasons is entirley up to you. Listed below are three approaches that can be taken towards naming your business:

  1. Name if based upon what you sell. This way consumers can instantly get a general concept of what your business does. This allows them to skim thru listings and find what they are looking for.
  2. Name it something off the wall. This has been known to on occassion work out quite well. Think of Google and Hulu. Both have unique short names that stick in our heads. Had it not been for extensive advertising no one would know what it means to “google something” or to use Hulu for movies and tv online. Other times companies will merge words together to create a new word to indentify their business by. Be careful not to make it too difficult to say or spell it.
  3. Use a generic name. By using a generic name you are not tied to a specific niche. This allows you to sell all sorts of things. Examples include: Walmart, Alibabba, Ali-Express, Amazon. These companies all do mass amounts of selling an shipping without a name that insantly tells you what they sell. This is why our own e-commerce store is licensed as “The Store.” We believe our name is better than the now more famous ones used today because its easy to say and spell while still being generic. Hearing “The Store” merely tells us that you have to go somewhere to get something.

Additional helpful tips to follow:

Avoid hyphenated names (name-anothername). No one will remember the hyphen and as a result you will not get traffic to your site. Avoid super long names even if not hyphenated. The longer it is the harder it is to spell. Once you have a good name be sure to promote it whenever possible.

Obviously we failed to follow part of this advise in that we made our name super long. However, our name does give you a hint about what we do which creates added interest for business owners such as yourself to check us out and see what we are all about.

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