Blogging for Money; a beginners guide to getting starting

I’m sure you have heard countless times that you need a blog to be successful online. In todays article: “Blogging for Money; a beginners guide to getting starting” we will explain why this is true and how to do it. After reading this you will no longer be like a mindless drone simply being told what to do but without knowing the why or how.

First off let’s go over the why to blogging. Any website that wants to be successful needs a blog. One of the many factors affecting how well a website can be found online is thru activity. Google uses bots to scour the internet and constantly rank and rerank websites based upon their ever changing algorithms. The one constant is that they look for content. This is why you constantly are bombarded with the phrase “Content is King.” Simply put this means that if a website has lots of articles about a niche it is eventually regarded as being a reputable source for that niche. This provides it with online credibility. This credibility is then rewarded in how the website is ranked and how often Google (and others) will recommend your website to others in their keyword searches.

Not only do you need lot’s of content, but it needs to be posted often with new information. What you post needs to be easy to read and be informative. While your informing your visitors who’s to say you cannot try to make some money with ads on your page? Listed below are tips to help you make money:

  1. Place ads in posts, but not too close to other images or lot’s of blank space appears.
  2. Try to place ads in the right sidebar to increase impressions.
  3. After you have a relatively established blog (4 to 6 months) install the Google Adsense plugin or go to the site and start logging in.
  4. Try to get involved with multiple ad networks to increase opportunities to blog about and advertise and get paid for.
  5. Place ads links under the main menu on your blog page and also under a list of posts (most popular ones). By doing this the ad links will blend in with these sections and visitors will be more likely to click on the ad posted.

Are you stumped as to what to actually write about other than your niche? Mix it up some with posts about affiliates that you are a part of. Try to find ones that complement your niche so people on your site will be more inclined to trust your referral. When writing about affiliates a great way to present it is thru a review article on that affiliate. Another great way is to write a comparisons post (site A vs site B, which is better and why). Most importantly make sure to have fun with it. If you are excited about it odds are your readers will be too.




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